DrumPerks Team-Builders Program
Online Team-Building through Music!

Hello! Your school has been selected to take part in a special offering from DrumPerks.

DrumPerks delivers the benefits of reading and playing music at all grade levels. This is an evidence-based program that puts the "A" in STEAM education, framing performance art as a model for teamwork and collaboration.

COVID-SAFE, EASY, and CONVENIENT for teachers and principals, all for a cost less than $2 per student, per year!

About DrumPerks

The DrumPerks Mission is to elevate schools’ culture and connectedness while empowering students to achieve improved academic performance, social skills, and emotional intelligence, through interactive Drumming, Singing, and Dancing activities, accessible to teachers and schools via on-demand virtual course content.

DrumPerks is all about sharing the BENEFITS of drumming and the JOY of TEAMWORK! We use MUSIC to exercise skills for success, embracing Core Values: Respect, Effort, and Focus to foster cooperation and teamwork excellence!